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IDEA became an official coordinator of “Earth Hour” campaign in Azerbaijan

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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) granted the status of official national coordinator of International “Earth Hour” campaign ( to IDEA Public Union.

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Earth Hour 2013

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In 2007, Australia, Sydney – 2.2 million citizens and more than 2,000 institutions turn off the lights for an hour by standing against the global climate changing. A year later Earth Hour gathering partners in 35 countries, covering more than 50 million people becomes a global movement. On March 2009, 100 million people take a part in the 3rd Earth Hour. On March 27,2010 Earth Hour getting a record number of partners in 128 countries, becomes the world’s largest campaign.

March 26, 2011 – Azerbaijan, especially Baku, Ismayilli and Sabirabad thanks to İRELİ Public Union joins the global campaign. On March 31,2012 is held the biggest Earth Hour in the country with IDEA campaign . “Old City” Historical-Architectural Reserve, the symbol of Baku- the Maiden Tower, Shirvan Shah Palace and Park Boulevard, Hilton Hotel, Bridge Plaza, ZQAN Holding, Azerbaijan Technical University and other such buildings together with Ganja, Lankaran, Lahij cities turn off their lights for an hour.

On March 23, 2013 Azerbaijan once again will take a part in Earth Hour campaign! We will prove over and over again that we are not indifferent about global processes and problems! This Earth Hour will show our difference and at the same time our solidarity with the world!

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The lights of Ganja State University were switched off

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Ganja was the 4th city which celebrated Earth Hour by switching off the lights of Ganja State University for an hour on March 31 at 8.30 pm. The number of participants was up to 70 person. They were informed about the climate changes, limited resources of the planet and protection of the Earth.

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Lahij joined us

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Lahij also supported Earth Hour campaign.

Lahij historical-architectural reserve switched off its lights for an hour in order to pay attention to the economical use of energy. 50 person took a part in this action. During an Earth Hour participants illustrated the official logo of Earth Hour with candles.

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Earth Hour 2012 the first time in Lankaran

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This year Earth Hour was held not only in Baku, but also in Lankaran, Lahij and Ganja.
The last Saturday of March 2012 at 20:30 the lights of Lankaran Bridge were switched off by 40-50 young activists for an hour. By turning off the lights young people burned candles, shared their opinions and impressions. Even though Earth Hour was held in Lankaran for the first time, the event caused a great interest among people and was successfully completed. During the action were taken a lot of photos and videos.

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We did it!

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Earth Hour campaign that is connected with environmental protection and climate changes this year also was held last Saturday of March. Azerbaijan also actively held the campaign in which took part 147 countries and 5000 cities.

This year, Earth Hour with support of IDEA campaign was held in 4 cities of the country. Lights of the “Old City” historical-architectural reserve, Maiden Tower which is a symbol of Baku, Shirvanshah’s Palace, Park Bulvar, Hilton Hotel, Building of ZGAN Holding, Bridge Plaza, Azerbaijan Technical University were switched off. Besides the capital, Ganja, Lankaran, Lahij also supported the campaign.

The biggest switch off event of Earth Hour took place in front of the Maiden Tower. By turning off the lights the youth calls everybody to pay more attention on the protection of our planet. The event was broadcasted online on IRELI TV. The campaign was observed with great attention by the youth and guests of Baku.

Photos and videos of the 7 switched off buildings, of 4 cities were submitted to the central headquarters to Singapore by the team of Earth Hour Azerbaijan.

Note that photo and video reports of the campaign will be uploaded to the official site of event in Azerbaijan

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List of landmarks

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Here’s the list of landmark and places to participate in Earth Hour 2012 in Azerbaijan:

  1. Maiden Tower
  2. Shirvanshah’s Palace
  3. Park Bulvar
  4. Hilton Baku
  5. ZQAN Holding
  6. Bridge Plaza
  7. Azerbaijan Technical University
  8. Ganja State University
  9. Lankaran City Bridge
  10. Lahij historical-architectural reserve

The biggest and official switch-off event of Earth Hour Azerbaijan will be started at 7:30 PM in front of Maiden Tower, Icherisheher.

For more info you can step to Facebook event page:

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Lankaran’s first step

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Let’s move to the South. Lankaran city is also called Azerbaijan’s South Gate. Bordering with Iran this city has an ancient history and is the 3rd biggest city lying on the Caspian shore.

This year Lankaran youth will join Earth Hour in Azerbaijan for the first time. With a support of local Youth and Sport Department team is going to act! Tomorrow! According to the words of the coordinator Samir Salayev they will switch off the lights of the brightest bridge in the city.

So let’s wish good luck to our new friends!