Presentation of Earth Hour Azerbaijan

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Presentation of Earth Hour Azerbaijan

Forward EHA!
First presentation of EHA campaign was held at “IRELI” Youth Center. This is not accidental. Official organizer of Earth Hour in Azerbaijan is “IRELI” Public Union. Being one of the grandiose projects of Green Club, EHA sparked great interest among youth. EHA team managed to inform new “IRELI” members in depth about Earth Hour which is being implemented in different countries of the world and Azerbaijan. In the end, the youths dispersed in hope of getting together again on 31 March.

Value your time! Value each hour! Be with us from 20:30 to 21:30!

EHA moves forward
As Earth Hour draws closer, EHA is acquiring a wider scale. This project, especially joined by the youth, has turned into movement in our country. Presentation held at Azerbaijan University sparked youths’ interest in the event. EHA participants willingly spoke about the essence of the event and demonstrated photos dedicated to the project which is being held in Azerbaijan for the second time.

Being together for an hour means unification!