Ganja is ready

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Ganja is ready

The second big city of Azerbaijan Ganja this year also supports EARTH HOUR campaign.

Ganja as the Youth Capital will be represented in this project by Ganja State University this year. According to the information given us by Vasif Aliyev the coordinator of Ganja city preparations have been already finished. The lights of the main building of Ganja State University will be switched off during an hour.

Our capital is waiting with great impatience for the participation of Ganja, which always competes with Baku.

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Preparations in Lahij have finished

This year as the previous, the reserve of Lahij, which is one of the magnificent places of Azerbaijan, joins EARTH HOUR campaign. The participation of this heritage, which is situated on 1500 meters above the sea level, is very important for us.

The coordinator of EH Lahij Kamal Aliyev has informed us that the preparations are almost finished. Most of historical monuments, which are situated in the historical and architectural reserve, will be switched off with the help of the youth of Lahij.

We are anxiously waiting for photos from Lahij.

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Why Park Bulvar joined us?

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We also join EARTH HOUR. We made our decision easily.

By being blind to ecological problems, indifferent to the pollution of the earth, problems are increasing. Maybe a lot of people who wondered “Why PB switches off their lights?” will pay more attention to this problem. In fact, a very simple solution was found to such a big problem – switching off the lights. We switch off our lights in order to make people think more about the importance of conservation of the environment. We shouldn’t abolish in the darkness problems that we can face in future.

That’s why we join this project!

If you are not indifferent to ecological problems, If you want to express your objection to the pollution of the environment, join us on 31 March at 7 pm, come to the Maiden Tower!

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Presentation of Earth Hour Azerbaijan

Forward EHA!
First presentation of EHA campaign was held at “IRELI” Youth Center. This is not accidental. Official organizer of Earth Hour in Azerbaijan is “IRELI” Public Union. Being one of the grandiose projects of Green Club, EHA sparked great interest among youth. EHA team managed to inform new “IRELI” members in depth about Earth Hour which is being implemented in different countries of the world and Azerbaijan. In the end, the youths dispersed in hope of getting together again on 31 March.

Value your time! Value each hour! Be with us from 20:30 to 21:30!

EHA moves forward
As Earth Hour draws closer, EHA is acquiring a wider scale. This project, especially joined by the youth, has turned into movement in our country. Presentation held at Azerbaijan University sparked youths’ interest in the event. EHA participants willingly spoke about the essence of the event and demonstrated photos dedicated to the project which is being held in Azerbaijan for the second time.

Being together for an hour means unification!